Are your Guests being bitten by Mosquitoes?

Is this undermining the Guest Experience you work so hard to create? Do you feel this is outside your control?

Now more than ever, your Guests are exposed. The Tiger Mosquito bites day and night, and has invaded many areas in Spain, including the popular Costas holiday destinations. 

So how can you protect your guests?

Let us help you, enhance your Guest Experience.


Lavender and Lemons are the exclusive distributors of the Alfresco Range of Natural Insect Repellents.


Used all over the world, this Celebrity Favourite is a fresh, rejuvenating and sophisticated fragrance, created by a unique blend of essential oils.

A chemical-free way to protect your VIPs.

Every Problem is an Opportunity in disguise! 

Yesterday Mosquitoes were a seemingly insurmountable problem. Today, with the our help, The Alfresco Solution can also present a number of revenue generating opportunities, your guests and clients will appreciate.  For further details on the range of fragrances, colognes and lotions, see our Product Page


Mosquito Season approaches, stocks will go quickly.  Contact us to explore the opportunity.

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