We aim to help the Luxury Hospitality Market combat the problem posed by Mosquitoes.

Your Guest Experience is our No. 1 Priority.

At Lavender and Lemons, we are determined to demonstrate that a repellent can not only smell divine, but is also incredibly effective in the most challenging environments. 

As chemically derived repellents prove themselves more and more uncomfortable to wear,
it is time we reverted to naturally occurring essential oil based repellents, which Mosquitoes have not mastered a resistance to.

Lavender and lemons are the Sole Distributors  in the Spanish Market for the Alfresco Range of Natural Insect Repellents.

Jennifer O' Flynn

Director Lavender and Lemons


Having used Alfresco Products for the last 21 years, I can honestly say I have relied on their effectiveness in the most challenging environments. Irish fair skin and a blood type mosquitoes adore, means a bite is no small issue. Before Alfresco,  bites have meant not being able to walk, resulting in injections. I have even had bites on my eyelids.  Here in Spain, Acqua D'Alfresco spray and the matching classic moisturiser, allow me to relax and enjoy balmy weather, knowing I am protected. Thank you Sarah-Lou xx 

Geoffrey White

Director Lavender and Lemons


Living here in Spain, people regularly ask me what cologne I wear. The answer is simple - Alfresco. It has become my signature cologne, day and night. Reactions once they learn it's also an insect repellent, range from amusing surprise to outright shock. 

I am passionately focused on raising awareness of this amazing product range, both as fabulous fragrances, but also effective Mosquito Repellents. Alfresco has proven to me, as it increasingly does to others, a repellent doesn't have to smell dreadful to be effective.

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