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Q1: How long does Alfresco® last once opened?

A: Active ingredients in our Alfresco® range are effective for up to 12 months, but the Cologne is 36 months after opening. However, they are wonderful cosmetics in their own right, feel free to use them as part of your beauty routine beyond that.

Q2: How much do we need to apply?

A: Our Alfresco® range is designed to complement one another, to create a layered Alfresco® Aura of fragrance. Apply liberally, with regular reapplications, (we recommend every three hours), for maximum bug repellent effect.

Q3: Does it really work?

A: Yes - A Fan Club of Loyal Worldwide Customers are proof - Alfresco® works! Our business has proudly grown by word of mouth over the last 20 years, and we can think of no better accolade than the many Beauties Without Bites who continue to use and recommend Alfresco®.

Q4: Do we put Alfresco® under or over sunscreens?

A: Most insects, apart from the tiger mosquitoes, become active as the sun goes down. However you should use Alfresco® during the day, So we recommend you apply it under your regular sunscreen.

Q5: How often do we need to apply Alfresco®?

A: Apply liberally, with regular reapplications, (we recommend every three hours), for maximum bug repellent effect.

Q6: Can we apply the moisturiser to our faces?

A: Yes, yes and yes! Alfresco® Anti-Bug Bite Moisturiser is one of the very best moisturisers on the market. It even has a low-level SPF 5 (Sun Protection Factor).

Q7: Can we use Alfresco® on babies and young children?

A: Yes, Alfresco® Anti-Bug Bite Moisturiser is perfectly safe to use on precious little ones. If concerned about skin sensitivity, please try applying a little moisturiser behind the knee before first use. We recommend that Aqua d’Alfresco is best kept for use on Grown-Ups only.

Q8: Can we use Alfresco® while pregnant?

A: Yes, expectant mums have been using Alfresco® for many years. In fact, Pregnancy Magazine recommended Alfresco® as "The Repellent To Use". Alfresco® sends lots of love and best wishes to all our Beautiful Mummies Without Bites.

Q9: Can we use while breast feeding?

A:Yes, our Alfresco® range is as natural as can be.

Q10: Is Alfresco® safe to use on babies with G6PD deficiency?

A:We have been asked this question by understandably concerned parents on several occasions, which prompted us to research the condition for a definitive answer. While there are numerous over the counter drugs that should be avoided, we could find no literature that suggests any ingredient in our Alfresco® Moisturiser would cause harm to babies with G6PD deficiency. However, it is always best to err on the side of caution, especially with little ones. Therefore we advise that you print out the list of ingredients below and take it along to your pediatrician for their professional opinion. For further information, visit www.g6pd.org.

Q11: Does it work on all insects?

A: While Alfresco® has been proven to repel mosquitoes, we can’t promise it will deter all insects. However, our customers have told us that they have found Alfresco® effective against a range of biting bugs from the dreaded Scottish midge to pesky pet fleas.

Q12: Does it work in all countries?

A: Yes, though we strongly recommend that you follow Doctors advice when visiting countries where insect-borne diseases are prevalent.

Q13: Does Alfresco® have any long-term ill health effects like those proven with DEET?

A: No, Alfresco® is as natural as can be. Our entire range is happily DEET-free and our moisturiser is paraben and paraffin-free too! Tried, tested and proven on humans of all ages - never animals - to help keep biting bugs away, naturally.

Q14: What are the Key Oils used in  Alfresco® Anti-Bug Bite moisturiser?

A: Cinnamon, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Citrus

Q15: What are the Key Oils used in Acqua d’Alfresco fragrance spray?

A: Citrus, Cinnamon Bark, Geranium, Patchouli and Melissa


Q16: What are the Key Oils used in Alfresco Cologne spray?

A: Top note - Rosewood, Spicy Coriander, Grapefruit. Heart note - Cedarwood and Jasmine. Base note, the one that lingers - Vetiver, Vanilla and Crystal Amber

Q17: How long will it take for my delivery to arrive?

A:  We always aim to dispatch your Alfresco® the next day after you place and pay for your order. As a general guide, delivery times are usually: 3 - 5 working days


Q18: Why does the white Alfresco Moisturiser slightly change in appearance over time and is it still effective?

A: The discolouration is caused by the fact that our Alfresco Active Blend is made up of All Natural essential oils. This colour change occurs naturally and does not cause Alfresco to be any less effective. See shelf life.

Q19: The answer I need isn’t covered here. What should I do?

A: Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have - even non-alfresco one!

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