Alfresco ANTI BUG BITE Cologne Spray

DUO pack contains
1 x Unit (50ml)
1 x  Unit (10ml)


This product contains essential oils of Rosewood, Cedarwood, and Jasmine

DUO - Alfresco Insect Repellent Cologne (50ml) + (10ml)

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€34.00Sale Price
  • Naturally Scented ANTI BUG BITE Repellent Cologne Spray

    Clean and Fresh with a lingering spicy, woody scent,
    Alfresco Cologne hits all the right notes as a Holiday Cologne.
    The secret blend of 14 essential oils includes cedar wood,
    rosewood and vetiver, creating an attractive cologne that
    also delivers lasting protection against a variety of biting insects,
    specially Mosquitoes.

    Reapply every 2-3 hours.

    DUO contains -

    1 unit – Alfresco Cologne Spray (50ml)

    1 unit – Alfresco Cologne Pocket Spray (10ml)


    Alfresco Cologne will not only keep you protected from Mosquito Bites, the unique natural cologne doubles as a holiday cologne favourite. Alfresco Cologne pocket spray literally fits in a shirt or shorts pocket to keep you protected on a night out.

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