Elegant and Luxurious, the Alfresco fragrance fits comfortably in your world and that of your guests.  This is not a product they will recognise from their local supermarket or pharmacy. Designed in a 300 year old London medicinal Garden, and made by an English perfume house established in 1730, Alfresco Colognes and Moisturisers are a sophisticated blend of the purest essential oils. 

You are a successful business focused on creating memorable guest experiences. The design of your property reflects this, and you actively encourage guests to enjoy it's indoor and outdoor spaces.  However, it is now a fact that guests are getting bitten by mosquitoes more often, and are quite prepared to say so on Social Media. 


There is an expectation at this end of the market to have every detail attended to. Turn this increasing problem into an opportunity, offer our pocket sizes as complimentary gift toiletries, incentivise longer duration bookings by including pocket or larger sizes, and of course there is a great retail opportunity with a captive audience.  

Boutique Hotels
Golf Resorts
Luxury Villa Rentals

Complimentary Guest Toiletries. Incentivise Longer Duration Bookings. Resell Alfresco Range for guest onward journeys

Golf-Pro shops stock Alfresco to ensure a bite-free round for every member and guest player. Guaranteed to increase sales.

Existing Customers and New, Alfresco is guaranteed to generate repeat sales, and at generous retail margins. 

Provide Alfresco Fragrance Sprays and Moisturisers to Holiday Guests. A thoughtful addition to any welcome Pack or Complimentary Toiletries Collection

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